Traveling with my mom, husband and our 2 boys to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico to celebrate our milestone birthdays. Memories I will always cherish!

Family travel, particularly multi-generational involving a wide range of ages and personalities, can be a very stressful thought but when done right it can forge new travel experiences for generations to come when the younger travelers realize how travel changes lives.

Of course, you will hear me tell you to leverage a Travel Advisor to help you plan a stress-free trip, but I thought I would also share some general thoughts and best practices around traveling, with parents.

While you may have traveled with your parents when you were young, when you travel as an adult it gives you the opportunity to get to know each other for who you are “now”.

  • In the early stages of planning, make sure you understand what the goal of the trip is and who the ‘lead’ traveler is.  It can be the person who is paying or it can be the person who can help the group make decisions.  Decision making for a group trip is critical but it cannot be forced, it needs to be mutual.
  • Once your children are out of the house, it opens up so many doors to travel with parents while they still can and while you have more flexibility.
  • You can travel as a group or maybe have a 1:1 son/father, daughter/mother trip.
  • Cruises and All-Inclusive Resorts are great for multi-gen, parent/child and group travel in general.  Dinner coordination is easy, and you have options to participate in activities together or break off for your own thing.
  • No matter what you decide, have patience with each other.  You may operate at different speeds, have different ideas but if you respect each other for your unique abilities and interests you will leave your trip with another of Life’s Best Experiences!!!

Reach out to me if you are looking for ideas for your next Parent and/or Multi-
Generational trip.

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Today, I help group leaders host their own trips of a lifetime, with ease. Business owners, club or membership organizations, friend groups, non-profit boards, and even family matriarchs or patriarchs work with me to design immersive trips that cultivate community and inspire awe, wherever they choose to go.

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Download Now: The Most Astounding Properties in the World