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One of my favorite parts of designing trips for my clients is the initial consultation. Not just the high-level idea of where they want to go but really understanding why they want to go and what are the experiences they want to have. It is often a feeling or something in their mind, often hard for them to articulate.

Virtuoso Wanderlist® helps you express your travel dreams.  You can create your own Wanderlist®, swap vacation ideas with friends, and discover some of the world’s best hotels, cruises, and travel experiences. Browse thousands of unique experiences, add your own ideas from around the web, and organize everything into shareable Wanderlist® for friends, family, and your Virtuoso travel advisor (That’s me!).

I’ve made sure you are all set up to start your own. Just click the link below and create your account. 


Creating your account is incredibly simple:

1. Click the link above to create your account

2, Create your first Wanderlist®

    a. Type in one or several destinations

    b. Click on your interests

    c. Invite friends or family

    d. Name your trip

3. Browse and click on your favorites

It will literally take you about 5 minutes! (Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions)

Here is a simple Wanderlist example

I added Costa Rica and Panama as my destination and clicked food & wine and wellness as my interests. This is a small sample of what the search engine provided. From there I click on a picture that interests me for text detail. If I want to add it to my Wanderlist® I simply click the heart.

As your travel advisor I have visibility to how every Wanderlist® Cruise, Hotel or Experience can be booked for you.

I cannot wait to see where your travel dreams take you!!! You can even add ideas of your own!!!

I’ll be available throughout so we can share ideas, and when you’re ready to book any of your dream trips, I’ll make it happen. Have fun exploring Wanderlist® and dreaming up your next trips.

Dream trips don’t just happen. They’re collected, shared, and anticipated. Start your Wanderlist® today!

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Hi, I'm Deana King

I traded in a long corporate career working with some of the most amazing teams for the best job ever: Designing bond-building travel experiences for clients eager to explore, together. Planning elaborate events and trips for the people I love to surround myself with—from friends and colleagues to my own family—helped me realize I have a knack for turning complicated logistics into a seamless (and laughter-filled!) travel experience.

Today, I help group leaders host their own trips of a lifetime, with ease. Business owners, club or membership organizations, friend groups, non-profit boards, and even family matriarchs or patriarchs work with me to design immersive trips that cultivate community and inspire awe, wherever they choose to go.

Nice to meet you!



Download Now: The Most Astounding Properties in the World