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The crewed charter experience begins with your expertly crafted yacht, which leaves you with a smooth ride, open spaces, and state-of-the-art features to give you the best onboard experience. Each yacht’s spacious decks and open interiors mean you can spend as much time as you want onboard without ever feeling crowded.

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A Crewed yacht charter delivers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation on the water aboard your own private Sail or Power catamaran. Complete with a professional captain and gourmet chef, your group of up to 10 will enjoy spacious accommodations and a premium, personalized yacht charter experience. 

Unspoiled and less crowded than other parts of the Caribbean, Belize is a laid-back paradise very similar to the cruising grounds of the South Pacific. Known for world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, superior chartering in protected waters, and unparalleled natural beauty, a Belize cruising vacation is unique and special.

Belize is a small country in northern Central America just a bit larger than the U.S. state of Massachusetts. To the north is Mexico and to the west is Guatemala. The western Caribbean fronts the rest of Belize. One of its most remarkable features, making this destination splendid for a Belize cruising vacation, is the Mesoamerican Reef that stretches approximately 350 nautical miles from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula down along most of the Belizean coast. Only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is larger. In Belize, the reef shelters more than 400 cayes. Most are fringed with additional reefs comprised of at least 50 species of hard and soft coral. Manatees, whale sharks, and roughly 500 species of tropical fish thrive in these waters, and all manner of seabirds are plentiful, including the Magnificent Frigate and the Brown Booby.

Cruising in Placencia

A Belize yacht charter vacation offers balmy easterly trade winds year round averaging between 15 and 22 knots that virtually guarantee a wonderful cruising experience every day in calm waters tucked behind cayes and reefs. Passages are short and the navigation is mostly line-of-sight. Plotting courses and heeding the chart is advised due to the many reefs. Keeping a good bow watch and reading depths based on color changes is also important due to seasonal changes in sand bars. A Belize yacht charter is well within the reach of captains who have basic skills in coastal navigation. The beauty and unique character of these waters lures less experienced and veteran charterers alike to return time after time for more adventures in one of the best snorkeling and diving locations in the Western Caribbean. Year-round temperatures range from 74°F to 84°F.

Placencia Highlights

A Belize cruising vacation naturally focuses on the superlative onboard experience, scenic anchorages behind palm-fringed or mangrove-lined cayes, and the fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving in some of the clearest water anywhere. Forays to restaurants on the cayes to sample local cuisine and exposure to Belizean culture add to the pleasures. However, a Belize yacht charter can encompass much more, and often does. Many guests add extra time at the start or finish of their adventure to include a guided dive excursion to the Great Blue Hole, a geological wonder of the world located within Lighthouse Reef, or sightseeing tours of the Mayan ruins inland.

A Belize cruising itinerary eases you into a world of natural wonders amid a series of marine preserves tucked behind the protective barrier reefs off the Belizean coast. The islands and cayes are mostly uninhabited, fringed with swaying palms or lined with lush stands of mangroves. White-sand beaches front secluded anchorages with kaleidoscopic colors of brown, orange, green, and blue over the reefs. Balmy trade winds blow steadily and sure, promising exquisite cruising as you explore the less traveled charter grounds behind Belize’s barrier reef system (see Belize maps). It’s one of the best in the world for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, or just relaxing aboard while you admire the setting sun.

Day 1

Whipray Caye

Whipray Caye is located 4 miles northeast of Lark Caye. Just a five minute boat ride away is some of the best fishing you’ll find anywhere with tarpon, bonefish, snapper, grouper, and more. Whipray Caye Lodge’s open air Sea Urchin Bar and Restaurant serves up a variety of Belizean and American food, mostly fresh catches, and the fully stocked bar serves the coldest beer for miles around. Cruising in Whipray Caye waters is a delightful part of any cruise in Belize.

Day 2

South Water Caye

Part of Belize’s World Heritage Site, South Water Caye is situated on the barrier reef on the north side of the quarter-mile-wide South Water Pass. Palms rise skyward from pristine beaches. On the east side of the caye, the barrier reef drop-off is close to the beach, providing an ideal location for some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Belize. South Water Caye yachting is not to be missed!

Things to do

Fishermen plying these waters named South Water Caye for the fresh water wells on the island. The two-story, red-roofed Pelicans Pouch, the main lodge of Pelican Beach Resorts on the south end of the cay, was a convent for the Sisters of Mercy when it was built in the 1940s. The Fangipani House (meaning gray house) is said to have a friendly ghost in residence. At the northern end of the island is the Blue Marlin Lodge, also part of Pelican Beach Resorts. It has a restaurant and bar. Dive excursions are also available. At the center of the island is an educational facility, International Zoological Expeditions, which has accommodations for students studying tropical biology and reef ecology; they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for boaters (dinner reservations required). A path runs down the middle of the caye, making for a pleasant afternoon stroll.

Day 3

Cocoa Plum Caye (Thatch Caye Resort)

Cruising in Cocoa Plum Caye waters brings you to the northern boundary of the protected South Water Marine Reserve, in the Coco Plum Range of islands. Scenic, remote, and breathtakingly beautiful, a visit to these waters is a highpoint of a cruise in Belize. The beaches are superb, and there’s a restaurant and two bars at Thatch Caye Resort, making a trip ashore even more appealing.

Things to do

Take a relaxing stroll on the nature paths and observe wildlife ranging from rabbits, coatimundi, and Belizean raccoons, to exotic birds and sea iguanas. Enjoying dinner and drinks at the Thatch Caye Resort is a pleasant way to spend a late afternoon or early evening.

Day 4

Lagoon Caye

Situated midway between Quamino Caye and the Slasher Sand Bore at the north end of Victoria Channel, the two cayes that comprise Lagoon Caye are breathtakingly beautiful. The deep-water lagoon at the northernmost caye is quite scenic, enhancing your experience of yachting in Lagoon Caye waters.

Things to do

Exploring the lagoon by kayak is delightful as you paddle quietly along the shores and view the abundant and very beautiful seabirds. A ring of shallow coral around the island offers good snorkelling possibilities.

Day 5

Queen Cayes

Cruising in Queen Cayes waters brings you to three beautiful isles located a mile inside the barrier reef south of the Queen Caye Pass. The tiny isles boast shimmering white-sand beaches and stunning reefs with superb snorkeling. The reef in Queen Caye Pass offers good scuba diving.

Things to do

Enjoy the amazing snorkeling and take in the beauty of the surrounding reefs.

Day 6

Lark Caye

Before an overnight at Lark Caye take a day sail to Ranguana Caye. Situated on the barrier reef near Ranguana Pass, Ranguana Caye is the largest of several others that extend southward from Queen Cayes. Cruising in Ranguana Caye waters is very scenic, simply lovely by any standards. The unspoiled white-sand beaches are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. After a day of exploring head to Lark Caye, a pristine location ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.

Things to do

Snorkeling on the patch reefs near the anchorage is impressive and pleasant. Check out the Ranguana Reef Resort’s small restaurant and bar. Fishing is great in this area, as is diving. Snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing are highly recommended on Lark Caye.

Day 7

Placencia Harbour

Yachting in Placencia waters brings you to a delightfully picturesque village. A lovely, crescent-shaped beach lined with a long row of palms borders the small town. Beautiful flowers, thick stands of trees, and quaint framed houses on stilts add to the idyllic tropical setting. The people of Placencia are warm and friendly, making your visit even more pleasant.

Things to do

Dining out at one of Placencia’s many restaurants is a delightful way to spend an early evening. There are also a number of bars. The market in town is a great place to browse, and you can buy all kinds of local products.

*Itineraries intended to spark your imagination.  Actual itineraries may vary and other custom options are also available.

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